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AdvertisingMedia Buying

In marketing it’s not only about what you know, it’s about what you do with what you know.
Finding the right audience in the right location and marketing to them so that your ROI goes up and your CPA goes down.
Steady, continuous growth takes data gathering, analysis and experience.


Reducingthe Cost of Customer Acquisition

Everyone wants to gain more customers for less dollars. Some clients come to us unaware of their cost per acquisition (CPA) so we help determine those current costs and develop a strategy to lower them. These personalized plans are comprised of delivering crafted custom messaging to the appropriate customer at the most effective time. By putting this strategy in place and pivoting over time, on average, we are lowering the CPA for our clients by 50-70%.


MediaPlanning and Buying

From national to local campaigns as narrow as 5 miles from a specific location, we are able to directly target and tailor marketing to your specific needs.

By using machine learning, we are able to build a profile of your customers. We then use the profile learning and Smart Data Targeting to acquire customer conversions and engage them with your brand. That data is then used to create new customer profiles and an expanded outreach list.